The Price Of Justice For One Co. Down Family That The Great British Government Cannot Afford To Pay!

The Cruel Corrupt Cover-up Of Northern Ireland's biggest House-building Fraud Was Premeditated, Planned and Perpetrated Before The Troubles Began, Was Copper-fastened Just After The Troubles Began By 10 Downing Street And Down District Council, And Even Though Thousands Of Other Families Throughout Northern Ireland, Including Little Children, Are At Risk, Even Our Media Has Been Frightened/Forced Into An Eerie Silence About This Scandalous Situation!

Ok - I'm a Whistleblower and I have been blowing my whistle loud and long on my very sick local Council - which is in its last year of existance. In November 1976 I asked Down District Council for the Statutory Services I had been forced, by law, for many years, to pay for. Down District Council refused. To have provided my family with those Statutory Services would have automatically exposed the scandalous house-building fraud orchestrated, aided, abetted and covered-up by its predecessor, the East Down Rural District Council.
Down District Council, which began life in 1973 when it replaced the East Down Rural District Council, the Downpatrick Urban District Council and the Down County Council, continued covering up this massive house-building fraud simply because a number of Councillors and Officers of the three former Councils became part of the new Down District Council!
This corrupt Council then prevented me from obtaining the legal means to overturn that refusal including using Ratepayers' money to pay lawyers to assist in overturning the legal Findings of a Commissioner for Complaints Report! Down District Council went even further and organised the cover-up of this criminal activity in the building of dwelling houses throughout Northern Ireland and even engaged the assistance of the British Government in supporting this scandal. Read the evidential facts below!

Please contact the United Nations Special Rapporteur on housing, Mme. Raquel Rolnik by email at:

and tell her about
Mme. Rolnik was in Northern Ireland recently in her official capacity.

"Where Silence Is Golden - 1"

exposes the Institutional Abuse of the house-building Fraud Cover-up that has silenced local and central government 1976 - 2014 and counting!

It is now time for house-holders to reclaim their stolen Mortgage/Rent/Rates Payments for being sold mis-sold goods in the form of terralux-built houses



"Where Silence Is Golden - 2"

exposes the Institutional Abuse by our Government, the Institutional Abuse by our Legal and Justice Departments and the Institutional Abuse by our Officers of The Courts in denying basic Legal Justice Rights to Her Majesty's citizens by depriving house-holders of their properties in the absence of a jury in Her Majesty's Courts of Law.

It is now time for every former house-holder to reclaim their stolen Property having been denied their most basic legal right under English Law - the right to an appointed jury of twelve of their fellow citizens to decide if their home is to be seized from them according to Common Law.

"Where Silence Is Golden - 1."

An Open Letter to Social Democratic and Labour Party Member of Parliament for South Down, Miss Margaret Ritchie.

Dear Miss Ritchie MP,
The institutional disorder, to say the least, which has afflicted the people of dependent Northern Ireland for so long and in which you personally have been an active participant for over three decades must be remedied.
You Miss Ritchie, are a well-educated lady, even to University standard at The Queen's University in Belfast, yet your comment in the accompanying newspaper article leaves so much to be desired.
As you probably know, Psychologists at Yale University have discovered that children, even at six months old, know the difference between right and wrong, so your being long past that significant age, I venture to aquaint you with facts of living in our South Down constituency, and even further afield, to which I would contend, in your professional capacity, you must have turned 'a blind eye'.

When I sought help from the Social Democratic and Labour Party's (SDLP's) three most influential political party members many years ago, two of my letters were acknowledged with promised answers, but all three of my letters were NEVER answered. Since I was simply asking for the Down District Council's Statutory Services that, by law, I had been legally compelled for years to pay for, namely Building Control and Environmental Health services that I needed for the protection of my large family, and which Down District Council had already refused my family, these were three additional cases of gross injustice especially at a time when your political party, the SDLP, actually controlled Down District Council with an overall voting majority - ten SDLP votes to nine votes. That was in 1977 (see below) when the SDLP contrived to obtain an overall majority by electing an Alliance party Councillor as Chairman of this Council (who only had a vote in a tied Council) and called it 'power-sharing'! Which is why I had to begin my (Open) university education in my early sixties to learn how to hand-code webpage source code mark-up to become a whistle-blower on, especially, SDLP corruption.

Our late Pope, Blessed John Paul II, stated when he was in Ireland in 1979, "As long as injustices exist in any of the areas that touch upon the dignity of the human person ..... true peace will not exist."

Unfortunately, it has been my sad experience that, like the soldiers of Coroticus, even senior members of your political party who bear such responsibility for the policy conduct of lesser members of the SDLP, have also proved to be enemies of peace and reconciliation. Even during your own many years as a public representative, beginning as a Down District Councillor from 1985 until 2009, almost a quarter of a century, you never to my knowledge, spoke out publicly, not even during a Down District Council meeting, to challenge the Terralux-built houses fraud cover-up which was affecting so many of your Council constituents and which was the reason for my request for help from your three most influencial SDLP members in the first place.

I never saw any reports of your having offered any support to Mrs. Carmel O'Boyle in her endeavours as a house-wife, mother, school-teacher AND Councillor, when, as your fellow-Councillor on Down District Council, Councillor O'Boyle, began a personal and individual investigation, lasting many months, into our family's shocking housing problem and Down District Council's equally shocking handling and corrupt cover-up of that problem - Down District Council being the only legal authority with the power to resolve it - beginning with her letter dated 11th January 1998 in the local weekly press. Councillor O'Boyle received the written support in a letter to the same press from another female Down District Councillor, Mrs. Anne Carr of the Women's Coalition who left this corrupt and corrupting Council shortly afterwards. Even the late Down District Councillor Mrs. Gerldine Ritchie spoke on our family's behalf at a Down District Council Meeting and was supported by her fellow-Sinn Fein Councillor Frank McDowell who stated that he had never seen house-building like the shocking house-building in our former home at 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down in his life, and I believe Frank was in the building trade.
Mrs. Catherine McDermott, an SDLP Councillor on Banbridge Council, even went into her SDLP's Annual Conference at Newcastle, Co. Down, after spending time talking to our family as we picketed outside the Slieve Donard Hotel on a very wet, cold night. Councillor McDermott challenged SDLP members at their conference to do their duty in our case. Mrs. McDermott came out to us again later in the rain and told us what she had done but also told us that she was told to mind her own business!

It must be said, however, that it was another female Councillor, an Ulster Unionist Councillor, Mrs. Ethel Smyth, who, as the only female Councillor on the SDLP-controlled Down District Council in 1977, was the only Councillor who possessed the moral courage to vote against what she knew, and all her nineteen male fellow-Councillors also knew, was the sick cop-out of that Council's Statutory duty in their decision at their Council Meeting on November 21st 1977 (see below), to hold a Meeting as a means of rectifying my family's dangerous housing problem, a Meeting, involving NO Councillors, that all the Councillors KNEW was NOT going to take place, instead of issuing a Statutory Notice to let the power of the Court do what had to be done for our childrens' protection!

This was the initial step in this sordid SDLP/Down District Council cover-up which is still continuing to this day!

Probably, as a consequence of fellow-Ulster Unionist Councillors voting FOR this shoddy and corrupt decision, Councillor Ethel Smyth left the Ulster Unionist Party to become a member of Dr. Ian Paisley's Democratic Unionist Party. Dr. Paisley MP himself was later to obtain crucial information for me in my battle for justice when he put down a Question in Parliament (See below)!

Councillor Carmel O'Boyle's unique and much later challenge to what began, and is still continuing to be, a web of institutional corruption, was conveniently ended when this corrupt and corrupting Council appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Belfast City Council, Peter McNaney, - whose Council area contains an, as yet, undisclosed number of private and public sector dwellings built with dangerous Terralux blocks - to assist in the continuation of their cover-up!

As a double-jobbing South Down Stormont MLA from 2003 until 2012, your Ministerial Portfolio included responsibility for, quote,

"housing ... community development ... social and affordable housing. You launched the New Housing Agenda in February 2008, an unprecedented series of initiatives and programmes aimed at tackling homelessness and providing much needed social and affordable housing, as well as helping people to reach the first step of the housing ladder in Northern Ireland".

Why did you not even avail of that unique opportunity, as a Government Minister in the Stormont Legislative Assembly, to identify the Terralux-built houses fraud cover-up? Incredibly, you did not even mention at any point in all these years, to the best of my knowledge, the scandal of this Terralux-built houses fraud cover-up to even "help people" to become aware of the possible dangerous condition of any house they might be buying as a first, second or even third step buyer - as we were! Why? Why? Why?

Now in South Down where you have been MP since 2010, you, Miss Ritchie, to the best of my knowledge, have still never challenged the Terralux-built houses fraud cover-up, so isn't it time you considered 'doing the decent thing' to all the people not only in South Down that you still represent, but also use the information from this website at no cost to you to help all the people across Northern Ireland who are also being cheated by this fraud and living with its danger which began in the Downpatrick area.

In challenging your statement above in a "packed Cathedral in Downpatrick" on the Feast-day of our National Saint, I have to tell you that it has been my experience, that,
1, you and your whole political SDLP party, along with others, with four notable and courageous female exceptions, have been running away from defending the human and legal rights of our family and the human and legal rights of an, as yet, undisclosed number of thousands of other families, and,
2, you and your whole political SDLP party, along with others, with four notable and courageous female exceptions, refused to stand up against the effects of the written edicts, copied below in Meeting Minutes, of the SDLP-controlled Down District Council, which relate the vicious, cruel, obscene and corrupt mentality of the perpetrators of those edicts, and not only did you all not stand against the effects of this fraudulent and criminal activity, but actually became instrumental in prolonging the persecution of the house-holders being misrepresented, and I would contend that your 'turning a blind eye' along with so very many others, especially in your own political party, to this gross misrepresentation, has greatly assisted in preventing its exposure of lies, deceit, dishonesty, corruption, criminal conduct, greed and mafia-type evil.

Shortly before you, Miss Ritchie, became leader of the SDLP, the Irish News printed this article dated November 11th 2009 in which you set out your leadership manifesto. You are quoted as stating,

"... the SDLP could be deeply proud of everything it has achieved - peace, equality, fairness in housing and jobs ... but let me be clear - what this party delivered 30, 20 or even 10 years ago is for historians ..."

How very, very convenient for you, Miss Ritchie! When Jesus said, "Suffer little children ... ", He meant, "Be patient and allow little children to come unto Me." The SDLP-controlled Down District Council meant "Suffer little children ... " literally, when my wife's tearful pleas to Down District Council for protection for our children over the phone were instantly rebuffed, especially when she had to open the doors and windows in the middle of winter in 1977/78 to stop our new-born baby from coughing with the effects of coal smoke from the fire from the house next door, and you along with the membership of your 'political party' still continue to ignore the consequences of that rebuff to this day! Convenient, yes, but legal and moral? Definitely not!
I have now become one of those historians, Miss Ritchie, and one still suffering from that which you have supported others in delivering by your silence such is the length of time this "immeasurable suffering", (Councillor Carmel O'Boyle's written words) has been serviced by your party! You are quoted as stating,

"As SDLP leader, I will work every day to lay the foundations upon which a united Ireland can be built - mutual trust, respect and protection for minorities, common purpose and shared endeavour ... "

How in this real world could you even consider building such a plausible 'foundation' for a united Ireland as leader of your political party when you have been so disabled in building,
3, mutual trust with your Down District Council constituents, your Legislative Assembly South Down constituents and your Parliamentary South Down constituents?
4, respect and protection for minorities like our family. Unless, of course, your use of the phrase "common purpose" has a more sinister meaning - like a sounding bell for certain others. "Common Purpose" as you probably know is a 'legal British charity' which is in effect a 'trojan horse' containing trained operatives designed to infiltrate, subvert and destroy democratic societies. Secretive members of "Common Purpose" are presently doing their dirty work in Northern Ireland!

Given the information below on this webpage, Miss Ritchie, do you as a public servant really believe that you and your political party are really and truly serving the people you all profess to represent, and you personally are generously empowered to serve as a Member of Parliament? I believe that what you and your political party are doing is pernicious and destructive.

Gerry Rice.

Why do power-hungry people in Government in London and Belfast, in 26 local-Government Councils throughout Northern Ireland, in the Northern Ireland Law Society, in the legal profession and in the police, refuse to act to expose, and deal with, the massive house-building fraud - the evidence of which is built into many thousands of dwellings throughout Northern Ireland - which is condemning many thousands of families throughout Northern Ireland to live in dwellings whose load-bearing structures are built with THIS - instead of THIS as required by law, in a vile orchestrated institutional cover-up? This cruel fraud is causing householders and their children to live in danger, simply because three-quarters of the legally-required "thick solid material" in each load-bearing structure in every one of these defective dwellings is actually


While the focus of this website is solely concerned with my family's traumatic experiences following our purchase of 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Northern Ireland in June 1976, my determined pursuit of justice in redressing the shocking defects in the construction of 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, led me to obtain and study all the official and non-official documentation that I could get my hands on following my discovery of an obvious building fraud which quickly led me to Down District Council and the stark realisation that our almost new home was but the tip of a very big iceberg involving not only families living next door in our block of four terraced houses and throughout most of our housing estate in Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, but which also involved families throughout our Down Council's own District and even far beyond throughout Northern Ireland! It has also caused me to comment in some detail about the structures of the other defective houses in my former closest neighbours' dwellings. Yet, nearly four decades on, the most relevant of this official documentation is still being denied to me by Down District Council, most recently even under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. See and type in "Down District Council" and then click on "Gerry Rice".

In this website however, you will be able to read in Down District Council's own written words from its Meeting Minutes from the five full Council Meetings at which my complaint was brought up and discussed - very briefly - how Down District Council set up, organised, aided, abetted and delivered the continuing chronic cover-up of this iceberg of, as yet, undisclosed proportions against not only my family but against at the very least, one thousand families within Down Council's own District, and then helped to spread this vile orchestrated institutinal cover-up of fraud as it affected Northern Ireland's other 25 Councils!

The chimney breast of one of these neighbouring houses just around the corner from 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch - in Millbrook Drive - actually exploded into one family's living room because it was built similar to this chimney breast in the party/dividing wall between No. 54 and No. 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down. This explosion was caused by a build-up of coal-gas inside the four large holes in each of the open-ended Terralux blocks and ignited by the hot fire just below. Terralux blocks are NOT a legal building material and should NEVER have been used. The building law, at the time these defective houses were built, specified "good thick solid bricks". All this cruel injustice, especially the actual theft of Mortgage, Rent and Rates payments for illegally-built property, is nothing short of


"The purpose of a Court in a civilized society is the vindication of men's rights and the enforcement of just causes" - Lord Denning.

Lawyers of Northern Ireland, be true to yourselves and do your legal and moral duty.
Ensure that every victim/citizen, including me, is enabled to get their case into a Court of Law and that they are empowered to exercise their legal rights within that Court of Law.

Refuse to be the enforcers of slavery as in this present case referred to in and

Stop being afraid of, and being slaves to, our Banker-controlled Government.

So far, during these past 38 years, you Northern Ireland Lawyers, have chosen INJUSTICE, TYRANNY and therefore SLAVERY in refusing to take my case against Down District Council!

Thomas Jefferson stated, "When the People fear the Government, there is TYRANNY, but when the Government fear the People, there is LIBERTY".

Hello and thank you for looking at my website My name is Gerry Rice. My wife Gemma and I live outside the village of Drumaness at 11 Newcastle Road, Ballynahinch, BT24 8NE in the heart of Co. Down in Ireland. We are both pensioners.
We were fifty years married in September 2013. We have eleven children, 28 grandchildren and three great-grand-children.
We bought 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, and our large family took possession of it on June 4th 1976 only to find that it was part of a massive house-building fraud that was to be covered up by District Councils throughout Northern Ireland, local and central Government politicians, government Ministers, legal firms, police and most of the media. Our family had to leave this Government-subsidised two-storied terraced house in August 1979 for the safety of our family and we could only afford to purchase an old disused mobile school classroom to shelter in until our defective house was repaired. How wrong we were. We paid our mortgage for years for our empty defective house in the hope that it was only a matter of time until the Down District Council made No. 56 Carlisle Park into the house we were led to believe we had bought but to no avail. For health reasons especially, I was forced to stop paying the mortgage and No. 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch was stolen off us in the High Court Buildings by the Nationwide Building Society in our absence. I say "stolen" because I had repeatedly made sure that the Nationwide Building Society were totally aware that we were the victims of a massive fraud - and their choice of surveyor had charged me a fee of 18 pounds for confirming that No. 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch was proper security and value for the amount of money that the Nationwide Building Society had loaned us. Had I known at that time that I could have demanded a jury before our defective home was to be literally stolen from Gemma and me, I would have certainly have demanded a jury trial! Gemma and I still live in our old mobile school classrom now in 2014!

Tragically, my lovely wife Gemma was diagnosed with cancer some weeks ago, at the end of April 2014.

The following pictures of 'workmanship' in government-subsidised dwellings, allowed by a certified building contractor, carried out by professional bricklayers and passed as acceptable, under the stringent Housing (Owner Occupation) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1956 in force at the time of their construction, 1971/1972, by THREE separate inspection agencies, is a perversion that MUST BE DEALT WITH - including the fact that Down District Council actually used Ratepayers' money to employ "high-powered" lawyers to assist in the illegal changing of the Findings of the former Commissioner for Complaints Report CC 19/78 on this case!

This is the scene which was photographed when the building contractor I had to employ removed my fireplace in my former home at 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Northern Ireland to find out why the coal-smoke from my fireplace was entering my neighbour's home at 58 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, through what should have been a fire and smoke-proof party/dividing wall between these two houses according to the building law standards at the time it was built in 1971/1972, namely Housing (Owner Occupation) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1956.

Not only was this dwelling passed as complying with Housing (Owner Occupation) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1956 by the Building Control inspectors/architect attached to the former East Down Rural District Council as you can read in the Parliamentary Written Reply below which was obtained for me, a Catholic, by Dr. Ian Paisley former MP from Belfast, but was also certified with a 10-year guarantee by the National House-Building Council as being properly built according to their standards AND passed by the proper Authority at Stormont Government Buildings as fit to warrant the paying out of sustantial subsidy money to the builder of this house at 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

This is the scene which was photographed when my building contractor removed some more rubbish terralux material from the rear of the same fireplace in my former home at 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. The wooden string (namely the wooden lath which belongs to the staircase of No. 58 Carlisle Park Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Northern Ireland) is clearly visible as there were no legal, solid bricks to attach the string of the stairs to and protect it from the heat of my fire. The scorch marks are clearly visible on my neighbour's staircase. This was the beginning of a potential fire and it would have been very difficult for anyone upstairs in the three bedrooms to escape if the carpeted wooden staircase had been alight! The only other way out would have been through a window! My building contractor replaced all the terralux rubbish in this photograph and in the photograph above with solid cocrete blocks and mortar. I engaged another specialist contractor to line my flue - which should have been done when the house was originally constructed in the first place in 1971/1972 - and wasn't - by inserting a long tube from top to bottom and inflated to the correct diameter. The base of the flue above the fireplace was then sealed off and a special semi-solid mixture was then poured down the chimney and left to harden for a day or so. The tube was then deflated and removed. Job done. I offered to have my building contractor do the same job on my neighbour's fireplace, this time in No. 54 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, and have the flue likewise lined in No. 54 which was also polluting our almost new home, with the assistance of a loan from MY Building Society which I had arranged and which I was prepared to pay for, but my neighbour in No. 54, a full-time fireman, refused!

This is the scene which was photographed in our hallway and looking towards the front door at the other side of my former home at 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Northern Ireland after my staircase was partly removed and a significant section of our leaf (our half) of the party/dividing wall between our house, No. 56 and No. 54 was removed. The rogue terralux blocks can be seen with the four large holes which travel the full length of this twelve inch long block making them almost impossible to seal. The same rogue terralux blocks, with five visible lines running the length of each rogue terralux block, can be seen in the half of the party/dividing wall belonging to No. 54 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. These rogue terralux blocks are blackened with the coal smoke and fumes from the fire of No. 54 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, coal-smoke and fumes which can be actually seen if the photograph is studied closely.
Jimmy McGovern, the famed Liverpool writer stated in his summary of my story, "If you want to turn your home into a gas chamber it's ideal material because the smoke, instead of rising up your chimney, will drift through these holes and invade your rooms." By contrast, the solid bricks nearer the camera, on the right, are perfectly clean. These are the legal solid bricks that the law, namely Housing (Owner Occupation) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1956 required this whole block of four terraced houses to have been completely built with in the first place - and were not so built! Local Building Control Inspectors or architects were required to periodically inspect this building work, BY LAW, to ensure that such important work was properly carried out!

This is the scene which was photographed in our hallway from approximately the same spot as the above photograph was taken but looking back along the hall from the front door of my former home in 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Northern Ireland after my staircase was partly removed and a significant section of our leaf (our half) of the party/dividing wall between our house, No. 56 and No. 54 was removed.
The two single walls making up what was, by law, required to be a totaly fire-proof, smoke-proof and fume-proof wall, can be seen to have been built with two walls of the shell-like Terralux blocks. There is even a blackened smoke leakage at the lower left of the photograph close to the few solid bricks near the fireplace of No. 54.
Practically the whole of our half of this party/dividing wall from front to back of the whole house was constructed with Terralux blocks. Incredibly, the workmen belonging to my building contractor, as they carefully chipped away the shells of each of the Terralux blocks, ended up leaving, as can be seen, one thickness of the sides of many Terralux blocks measuring half an inch in thickness plus the thickness of the plaster in the living room of No. 54. One of these decent but shocked workmen actually asked me if I wanted him to knock the thin layer remaining into the living-room of No. 54 and rebuild the party/dividing wall properly, as it should have been built in the first place.
It was very tempting and caused me to seriously consider it as such an action would really have "put the cat among the pigeons" and call the Council's bluff, but although I threatened to have it done to the Chief Public Health Inspector I opted to have my builders replace all the rubbish, and now empty space seen in all these photographs, with good solid concrete bricks and concrete blocks.
This scene was also photographed in our hallway a little further along from our front door and higher up on the party/dividing wall showing the actual 'construction' of the chimney breast of No. 54 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch after a significant section of our leaf of the party/dividing wall between our house, No. 56 and No. 54 was removed.

There were just a very few good solid legal bricks around the flue. The Terralux blocks which should not have been there at all were just literally dumped into the chimney breast which should have been completely built with the good solid legal bricks - by law - and wasn't.

The Terralux blocks with the five horizontal lines running along them can be seen on the left of the photograph while at the top, centre of the photograph the black smoke stains are obvious despite the presence of the few solid bricks. What sort of 'tradesmen' were employed to do such shoddy work in such important areas? Where were the building inspectors, the architect, the surveyor and the building contractor? Where, now, are the proper authorities, the MLAs, the MPs, the police, the ambulance-following legal eagles, the Health and Safety people, the estate agents hiding?.

In 1987 I began gathering up all my many papers on this sordid affair. I then typed out my story on an old typewriter. This task took up all my spare time over the next three years which was quite exhausting as it was done under the shadow of all our suffering. Over the next few years publishers in London, Dublin and Belfast refused to publish my story as a book.

In January 2000 I bought my first computer. I typed my story into the computer over a number of months while I was still recovering from being knocked down by a car in January 1998. I felt that this story just had to be told and the fraud exposed. I studied with the Open University to enable me to hand-code web pages and put my story on the internet. I have always tried to keep within the laws of this land in which I choose to live and I continue to do so here. Nevertheless I have ended up with a criminal record and I was also made bankrupt just because I chose to do what was right, and become a whistle-blower, in the midst of so much wrong. Both these black marks against my character were wrongfully imposed upon me by Government agencies. My totally defective home was stolen off me and sold, my thriving business decimated and because I relentlessly sought justice, people in authority here have tried, and are still trying, to make me out to be a crank. My wife and children have also been made to suffer in the most cruel ways. I called my story:


Silence is Golden. Silence can bring peace of mind, silence can bring peace to the soul. The silence in my story however, is a totally different silence. This silence brings hurt, frustration, misery, pain, financial loss, mental abuse and much more. This silence is destructive. It is the silence that surrounds official wrong-doing, official injustice, institutional corruption, the silence that, if not checked and dealt with by the law, becomes institutionalised violence. It is the silence of bullies, corrupt people who must be exposed as cheats, liars and criminals. It is the silence which is financially golden to such cowards. This silence punishes the innocent in order to protect the guilty who in this case are also worldly powerful. I refused to accept this silence, I refused to be a part of this silence, and along with my wife and our children, I have been made to pay a very heavy price for that refusal. This is our story, a story that has gone on under the cover of the Troubles and even since for over 37 years and is still ongoing. It is one of many such stories in Northern Ireland.

I have written repeatedly to all the known 'remedial government departments' and legal agents within the UK over these past 38 (thirty-eight) years to no avail, and more recently contacted The United Nations Human Rights Council on a number of occasions about this serious and dangerous housing fraud affecting many thousands of families throughout Northern Ireland. These families include - in alphabetical order - Catholic, loyalist, nationalist, Protestant, republican and Unionist families. I have had no replies as yet from agencies of the United Nations.
Could it be that a very interested party has interfered with my emails and/or letters?
I have kept the British Government fully informed throughout these thirty-eight years regarding the effects that this massive fraud and its cover-up are having on my own faily and the thousands of families throughout Northern Ireland, but Her Majesty's Government are obviously content with their part in this cover-up.

Almost five months after we bought our almost new home in June 4th 1976, I phoned my local Down District Council on November 29th 1976 to complain of the smoke nuisance in our home which was coming from the fire-place of our next door neighbour.
Eventually, Down District Councillors finally got around to discussing our plight, which we had suffered with for over a year by this time and which was at last being discussed for the first time at the Down District Council Meeting on 19th September 1977 almost nine months after I first made my complaint!

My complaint of smoke nuisance in my former home at 56 Carlisle Park, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, which was leaking through what should by law have been a solid fire-proof and smoke-proof wall dividing the two houses and wasn't, was mentioned, but Councillors all agreed to take no action. At the same meeting however, the same Councillors agreed to take an abundance of Statutory action in respect of a much less dangerous smoke nuisance which did not involve Council neglect!

As a result of this state of affairs I now publicly reveal some factual details of the origins of this fraud.

Five case-relevant pages from 19th September 1977 Council Meeting Minutes

Three case-relevant pages from 17th October 1977 Council Meeting Minutes

Three case-relevant pages from 7th November 1977 Council Meeting Minutes

Three case-relevant pages from 21st November 1977 Council Meeting Minutes

Three case-relevant pages from 19th December 1977 Council Meeting Minutes

Two revealing National House-building Council letters.

An anonymous letter with information that I wasn't meant to see.

Two equally revealing letters from the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

Front page condemnation of Council Building Control Inspection.

In 2010, Council refuses case information under the Freedom of Information act.

Above letter signed by Council's Legal Assistant Lisa Robinson.

Complete Council dossier on my case refused under F.O.I. Act. Page 1 redacted!

Redacted Dossier page 2!.

Redacted Dossier page 3!

Redacted Dossier page 4!

Redacted Dossier page 5!

20.11.77. Council arranges useless staged Meeting for December 8th 1977.

Dishonest Report of staged and useless Meeting.

Useless Meeting Report signed on December 14th 1977.

Disinformation from Council, February 2007.

More disinformation from Council's Acting Chief Building Control Inspector, November 18th 1986.

Another Council time-wasting exercise, 25th April 1977.

Yet another Council time-wasting exercise, 15th June 1977.

Council time-wasting condemned by lady Councillor, 11th January 1998.

Dr.Ian Paisley gets the truth from Council Official on 26th April 1978.

Council Report dated 21st April 1978 obtined by Dr. Paisley.

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